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About Lexi


Lexi Evans is a true romantic at heart.  She understands on a deep level the intricacies of relationships and brings an authentic, heart felt performance to each of her audiobooks. 

Lexi is a lover of all romance genres and has narrated for many USA Today and NY Times bestselling authors.  She has performed over 130 audiobooks and has been coached by many Audie award winning voice actors in the industry.  

Lexi continues to grow in her career and is now working with well established publishers in addition to authors directly.  Professionalism, respect, and a love for what she does is evident through out all her connections.

Lexi attended the romance author and audiobook convention, Allure,  in Chicago, IL September 2022.  She was a featured panelist in a workshop discussing the author/narrator relationship, which is something she is very passionate about.  She was also a signing narrator at the convention and loved interacting with other creatives in the industry and the fans!  

She has a background in drama, art, and music, along with customer service and brings the whole package to each of her clients. 

"With each book that I narrate, I truly live in that book.  I have laughed, cried, and fogged up my booth with these characters!  It is always an honor to be chosen to be the voice of a book and I love bringing the story to life, through my performance, for listeners to enjoy.  Best job in the world!" Lexi Evans   


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