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The Voices of 
Love & Lust


Logan and Lexi are an established and experienced audiobook narrator team that provide authors and publishers with heart felt performances in the style of duet and/or dual narration.  This gives the listeners a more immersive experience as the story is being told.  Their voices have a beautiful, natural chemistry the blend sensually together. They are the total package from the very beginning with their excellent communication, customer service skills, and team work.   When you choose Logan and Lexi, you get more than just narrators, you get an excellent experience from start to finish.

Our Story

In 2019, we were both cast together for our first ever co-narration romance book.  We met on Skype before the pandemic brought us Zoom, and discussed characters, voices, scheduling, and everything else to make this book a success from day one.  We greatly enjoyed the process together and soon found ourselves talking quite a bit about the audiobook world.  We were both coached by the amazingly talented performance coach, Khristine Hvam, which only propelled our career forward to success.  We auditioned together for many books and continued to be a support in each other's lives.  After landing a few, we only grew more in our work and found that duet narration was our specialty.  We love the process and enjoy working together and getting to know our wonderful authors.  


Logan & Lexi Meeting Their Coach Khristine Hvam


- Audible Listener -

"Lexi Evans and Logan Anare are the embodiment of love and lust, the perfect duet! Their voices suck you in, touches you, and made me smile as I rooted for this monstrously precious pairing. Honestly, best narrators I’ve ever heard!"

- Audible Listener -

"The duet narration was exquisitely performed by Lexi Evans and Logan Anare.  I haven’t listened to these narrators before, and I was very impressed.  They immediately brought the story to life, and I felt sympathy for the loneliness and difficult circumstances of each character.  Logan Evans has such a sexy Irish accent for the guy, and both narrators have beautiful tones to their voices.  They are excellent at pacing, emoting, and everything.  In addition, the production quality was excellent."

- Audible Listener -

"A wonderful sweet book with great characters that you can’t help but love. The audio version is spectacular, Logan’s slight Irish accent was drool worthy, and Lexi has a beautiful sultry, smooth voice that was perfect for her character. Overall, loved this short, but sweet listen!!"

- Audible Listener - 

"The characters are all so well written and have distinct personalities. I look forward to learning more about all of them. The narators performed beautifully. They acted out the reactions and sounds and made it so much fun to listen to!"

Morgan Straughan Comnick

- Author -

“Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I deserved to have my beloved world and book characters immortalized by such talented and kind artists, I becoming lost in a trance of whimsy and fun by my own words thanks to Mrs.  Lexi Evans and Mr. Logan Anare. 

“This team is dedicated and professional in every manner, striving to be their best for the author and their own performances; I deeply respect and believe in creatives supporting each other’s passions. From word pronunciation to pacing and pauses, they make every millisecond a delightful ride for your ears, an escape from your troubles, a chuckle pass through your lips, and a thrill for your mind and soul. 

“Lexi’s voice is a queen of narrating, weaving the tale that will leave you engrossed, on the edge of your seat, no matter if she is being smooth, kick-ass, or sultry. Every word she speaks is cared for by her skills and love for her job. As an author, I couldn’t be more grateful. As a reader, I couldn’t be more inspired. 

“Then there’s Logan… oh my gosh! This man’s talent, energy, and range have no end! His mastery of accents, tones, and emotions with his endless array of voices gets me giddy and adds flavor every time he speaks! No other narrators will do other than these two. 

“Their rapport is strong, encouraging, and fun-loving, the two playing off the other and flowing together seamlessly in every work and genre they read. 

“I never have a worry with this dynamic duo about my work being done or it not being how I dreamt. In fact, it’s always better, my characters coming to life for me and new audiences. As a writer, this is a priceless treasure. 

“A duet narration is the way to go, especially with books with romance or important male and female characters together. Lexi and Logan are wonderful about staying in communication with me, not afraid to ask me clarification questions, and are happy to reply to mine. I feel my project becomes their’s and we are an unstoppable team. 

“Plus, they are willing to work with any author, from Indie to New York Time Beatsellers, working with them that is fair and cost effective depending on what the author needs. This was a blessing to me that they believe in all writer’s. 

“These two beautiful individuals in our time working together have become incredible friends. Lexi and Logan are wonderful inside and outside their recording booths. Together, they are breathtaking and magical. No other duet will make you as glad or take your books to the height it deserves to be. So give them an adventure from love to lust today.” 

Karla Doyle 

- Author -

"Working with Lexi Evans and Logan Anare was a fantastic experience!  Lexi and Logan are friendly, easygoing, flexible, and professional in every way.  Their performances were magical and the production quality was top notch.  I love the way they made my story come to life!"

Our Clients

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